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About Curiously Local

This website is new, as of December, 2014, and is very much a fledgling. I created the original site in 2007 primarily as a blog site, and grew it over the years to include a store and a variety of features and links. But last summer it got hacked, and then hacked again in the fall. so I took it down and have begun again in a direction that probably better reflects where I am now in my life and work. The new aspires to become more of a magazine as I produce new stuff, publish work done by friends, and collate and add good material I've published and posted in many other places over the years.

My wife Joan and I have lived in Warner, NH since 1979. Raised a couple of kids there; made the kind of friends that last forever; and, though I am shocked to say it, lived out half the stories of our lives here. And it's the "here" that seems to matter more and more. It's taken me a long time...most of these understand what Joan seemed to always know: that living deeply, locally, doesn't mean living stuck in the mud. It means choosing and tapping a source that feeds you no matter where you are. So I've set out to find what is curiously local, not just about Warner, but about the "here" wherever I go.
George Packard
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